Tips For Gardeners

Each gardener, working on a personal plot, knows how to care for fruit trees, how to grow a large crop of strawberries, how many potatoes, carrots and other vegetables to plant, willy-nilly, he gains practical experience.

Sometimes such a gardener himself finds answers to questions from practice and willingly gives advice to gardeners, neighbors in the country, with novice lovers to dig in the beds.

Simple tips on growing berries, fruits, vegetables, landscaping the garden and many other topics can be found here on the Gardening Tips page.

  • Mineral fertilizers should be applied to the soil in the doses indicated in the attached instructions. Since an excess of top dressing is harmful as well as their lack. First of all, this will adversely affect the health of those who will eat these vegetables.
  • Pesticide. Special care must be taken when working with them. Be sure to wear gloves, a respirator, goggles, and cover your nose and mouth, at least with a gauze bandage. When work with pesticides is completed, you must thoroughly wash your hands and face, be sure to rinse your mouth. And it is better not to use pesticides unless absolutely necessary.

Watering. Tips for gardeners in the country

  • In a hot and dry period, if the soil dries up very much, in this case, it must first be sprinkled with water from a watering can or hose with a nozzle. And when the first moisture is absorbed into the soil, that’s when you start watering the garden for real. At the same time, water will no longer flow like a stream from the garden into the furrow, but, being absorbed like a sponge, it will penetrate into the deeper layers of the earth.
  • For better conservation of moisture in the soil, it is necessary to loosen the surface of the row-spacings on the ridges after watering. And if shoots have not yet appeared, it is recommended to water more often and in small portions.

You can dream up and be creative with some things that are idle in the garden. For example, old large barrels, if they are cut into 2 parts “along the equator”, we get 2 containers without a bottom. Having dug these halves into the ground and planting them even with very simple bulbous flowers, which have long stems, we will get decorative decorations on the plot under the guise of palm trees.

Tree treatment

To treat a small place of decay on a tree trunk, it is necessary to clean off the affected wood to a healthy layer. Then soak the area with 10% formalin solution. When the treated area is dried, then it is puttied and painted over.

Tips for gardeners on pollination methods.

In order to guarantee pollination of dioecious plants such as sea buckthorn, it is necessary in spring to cut off a flowering branch with anthers from a male plant, put it in a small bottle filled with water and then hang it on a branch of a bush of a female type of plant.

  • When watering, when you stretch the hose along the beds or past the flower bed, it is easy to wrinkle or damage the plantings. To prevent this from happening, for example, use sticks that have horns on the end as simple hose stands.
  • Growing vegetables is best done on a flat, without furrows, surface. In this case, the land will be used more fully, less time so precious in the spring will be spent on organizing beds, while the evaporation of moisture from the soil will decrease. Varieties of various vegetable crops should be selected taking into account the timing of their ripening.
  • Adult bushes of currant or gooseberry, having long branches and loosening the soil, top dressing is difficult without damaging the lower branches. Therefore, these branches should be lifted and placed on a stand, which can be made similar to a wooden yoke. Then you can work easier, and the bushes will be intact.
  • Collect wood ash, it contains minerals that are so necessary for the best development of plants.
  • Drinker for birds. In spring, birds have enough food. And how to make a simple drinker for birds? If you have a tank or tub under the drainpipe of your garden house, throw a small plank or piece of plywood into the water. From such a raft, it is easy for birds to drink, regardless of the water level in the tank.
  • The last snow has come down, and the sun is already very warm, and the path in the garden is still not dry. Thoroughly rake its surface with a rake, and before your eyes the path will begin to dry out. First, the top of the soil loosened by lumps will be covered with light spots, and soon the entire surface will brighten.

Cut holes in a piece of rubber for the shackles of the padlock, and moisture will not get into it.


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